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A Little About Me

I am high school math teacher from Ottawa, Illinois. This year will be my seventh year in the classroom and second year as the chair of the math department. I am currently working on my Masters in Educational Technology with a focus in Technology in Schools. My anticipated graduate date is May of 2017. My wife Mary, who is also a teacher, and myself have been married for four year this October and have a son who is almost two and a half. We have learned one thing over the past month, and that is there is really a TERRIBLE TWOS stage. We are very excited for 2017 to get here as we are expecting our second son in January. So it has been a busy couple of weeks in our house as we have started back up in work and began the process of moving rooms around so we can start getting ready for new addition. I am a huge fan of fall. With the weather cooling off it is perfect time to sit out by a fire in some comfy clothes and relax. It also means football and hockey are right around the corner. Go BEARS AND BLACKHAWKS.

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